Our Services

We offer consultancy services, testing & monitoring, as well as provide one stop solution in the areas of environmental & occupational Hygiene. Our group members in providing such services as following:

  • Air Quality Consultant
  • Qualified Person (QP)
  • Noise Monitoring Officer
  • Confine Space Safety Assessor
  • Industrial Hygienist
  • Competent Person for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • Competent Person for LEV
  • Competent Person for Asbestos Survey

List of Services:

Environmental ConsultancyOccupational Hygiene Consultancy 
  • Air Dispersion Modeling

  • Noise & Vibration Survey & Assessment

  • Ambient Air Quality Assessment

  • Water Quality Assessment

  • Soil & Groundwater Contamination

  • Odour Study & Assessment

  • Environmental Monitoring & Management Plan(EMMP)

  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

  • Chemical Hazard / Hazardous Substances – Identify, measure exposure & assess the risk

  • Noise Hazard - Noise Monitoring, Noise Control & Hearing Conservation Programme

  • Biological Hazard– Identify, measure exposure and assess the risk

  • Dust/Fumes/Mist – measure exposure

  • Confine Space Survey

  • Asbestos Survey

  • Heat Stress

  • Ergonomics

  • Light Intensity (Lux)

  • Workplace Odour

  • Indoor Air Quality Study

  • Local Exhaust Ventilation –testing and examination
Environmental MonitoringHygiene Monitoring

Others Services

Breathing Air Testing – Reference: SS 548: 2009(formerly CP74) – Code of Practice for Selection, Use and Maintenance of Respiratory Protective Devices; SS 511 -2010 – Code of Practice for Diving at Work.

Compress Air Testing   (ISO8573 – Compressed Air Quality Standard) Reference: ISO8573 is the group of international standards relating to the quality (or purity) of compressed air. The standard consists of nine separate parts, with part 1 specifying the quality requirements of the compressed air and parts 2 – 9 specifying the methods of testing for a range of contaminants.

Airborne Molecular Contaminants (AMC) Monitoring for Cleanroom  Reference: Airborne & Surface Molecular Contamination Guidelines published by Balazs Analytical Services –  Molecular Acids (MA); Molecular Bases (MB); Molecular Condensables (MC);  Molecular Dopants (MD) and International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductor (ITRS) for AMC Limits.

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